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Not sure if this is a Verizon or Blackberry issue but I have sent a few text messages today (to Verizon customers).  Usually a small "D" will appear by the text to let me know it was delivered but it hasn't appeared on any of these texts.  Are their services issues today? 

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Hi owensmom,

I understand your concerns about your messages being delivered. Have you confirmed that your text messages are being delivered (or not) regardless of the D indicator? No service text messaging issues are noted in our system for Blackberry devices.

An easy way to test your text messages for delivery is to send a message to yourself. If message is sent and received by your device then no service issues exist and you may have disabled the D indicator. You can enable delivery notifications, please see instructions below:

Request delivery notification or read notification for a text message

1. On the Home screen, click the Text Messages icon.

2. Press the key > Options > Text Messaging.

3. In the MMS section, do one of the following:

• To receive notification when the message is delivered to the recipient, select the Confirm Delivery check box.

• To receive notification when the recipient opens the message, select the Confirm Read check box.

4. Press the key > Save.

You can find the above instructions (page 71) and more helpful information in your BlackBerry Bold 9650 Smartphone User Guide. http://goo.gl/X46i5


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Re: Text messages
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The 'D' shows up on my text messages. Do you have the 'Delivery Report:' checked in Text Messaging Options?

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I have a GZ One Bolder, can I set these text notifications in my phone?