Think twice about purchasing a BlackBerry

I am on my second BlackBerry Tour 9630. The trackball stopped working on the first one and was replaced by Verizon because it was still under warranty. Yesterday the x/8 key fell out of my second Tour. I don't abuse my phone. I keep it in the case. 

I went to the Verizon store this afternoon and they can do nothing, other than selling me a new phone, since it's no longer under warranty. They gave me the card for a phone repair store, and I went there. It would cost $85 to fix the phone. I could get a new phone for less than that. 

I have never had a phone break--ever--which is why I do not purchase the insurance. I should not have to use insurance to fix a defective design anyway. 

There is no way to contact the BlackBerry department of RIM by email. I tried to send an email RIM and I got a response saying they would not even accept the email. 

If you are thinking about purchasing a BlackBerry, think twice. 

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Re: Think twice about purchasing a BlackBerry
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Hi. Sorry to hear about your issues with the Tour. I know the device had well-known issues with the trackball, but I've not heard of a key falling off. I think your case is an exception ... usually BlackBerrys are built like tanks. I never get insurance either.


I think the only way to talk to someone at RIM at no cost is to have a Verizon customer service rep put you through. But I think that only happens if someone at Verizon is unable to help you with tech support.


Since it's been more than a year, can you use your annual upgrade to get something else?


Re: Think twice about purchasing a BlackBerry
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Another option for you might be to replace the keyboard yourself.  Blackberry keyboards for the Tour cost less than $10 from suppliers like who specialize in these type of replacement items.  As your phone is already out of warranty there is minimal risk on your part.

Good luck.