Thinking of coming back home to Blackberry!
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Hey folks, just visiting back here and reading about BB. I had a Tour 9630 and loved it. Got bit by the android bug, and have had a Droid 1, Droid 2, and Droid X since then. I am getting tired of TERRIBLE battery life on androids, and am thinking of coming back to BB with a Bold 9650. No one can beat BB for dependability , IMHO.
My question is, and please don't tell me to search, as it's about bedtime, is when is OS 6 supposed to hit the 9650? Any help will be appreciated. Good to be back here, and it probably will be a permanent return!

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Re: Thinking of coming back home to Blackberry!
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Hey, Basspro,

I thought I had not seen you around the BB forum for a while, and I guess that answered why.  I guess you answered a question about the Droid X that was in the back of my mind.  Anyways, to try and give you an answer to the OS 6 question.  I have the Bold 9650 after moving up from the Tour a couple of months ago and I am also curious of when the new OS will be officially announced.  I have not heard of an official date, but you know from experience, Verizon does not announce an OS release until it is released.  That gets us back to the old rumor mill.  I have read and heard over at that a release for the OS 6 for the Bold will happen around the time of the Devcon 2010, which is September 27-30 in San Francisco.  That has been the only thing I have heard. 

I think you will find the Bold 9650 to be just like your Tour, most notable improvement being the trackpad by far.  It will be good to see you back in the BB forums.  Good luck, and I hope the prediction about Devcon and OS 6 comes true. 


Re: Thinking of coming back home to Blackberry!
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Welcome back! I've heard "fall" for the release of OS 6. How's that for vague?!


I have tried several other devices in the past year, including one Android, and always come back to BlackBerry. As you said, nothing beats BB for dependability ... e-mails hit my BB before my PC, the keyboard and notifications are the best, and it's just simple and reliable. 


It's always good to try other platforms with an open mind to see what is right for you. Enjoy your new Bold!