Thinking of getting a new blackberry

I have came upon my 2 year phone upgrade and was thinking about getting a blackberry.  I was wondering if you have to keep the data plan with the blackberry.  I know initially you sign up for it but can you drop it so you don't pay the extra $25 a month?  If you have to keep it, what is the usual bill for someone with insurance, unlim. texts and 450 minutes?  Any input would be appreciated




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Re: Thinking of getting a new blackberry
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The data plan for Blackberry phones are "required" on all Blackberrys, you cannot drop it.  $29.99 (Blackberry Internet Service) is for personal email, browser, chat and is "unlimited." The $44.99 is (Blackberry Enterprise Server) is if you want to use work email on Blackberry phone. You pay the Blackberry data plan  with insurance, text bundles, and 450 minute plan.:smileywink:

Re: Thinking of getting a new blackberry
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Sandman is correct.  Figure up what ever you pay now for your regular wireless plan.  Then add 30 bucks for the unlimited data plan.  Then, keep in mind the data plan does not cover text, picture, or video messaging.  You can get a Select Wireless Plan instead of a Basic wireless plan and the select covers unlimited messaging.  Instant messaging is covered under the 30 dollar Blackberry data plan.  Then add for the price of your monthly insurance, which will probably be a little more for a Blackberry than, say, a regular cell phone. 

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