To many kb w/Gmail? -- HELP !!!

I have a Blackberry Curve 8330.   For 10 months my average monthly kb usage was 3369.  Beginning in May, 2009  it went up to averagely monthly kb usage of 12,338? I have no idea why.  Verizon can't figure it out. I use gmail.  Are there different ways to have gmail set up on the blackberry?  Is it possible that gmail was installed on my blackberry in an inefficient way?

Does IMAP or PoP have anything to do with this?  There must be a reason that the kb has increased so dramatically.  I have no idea how this happen.  Please help?

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Re: To many kb w/Gmail? -- HELP !!!
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Email isn't the only thing that uses KB. Web browsing, Blackberry messenger, other IM programs, GPS apps, most 3rd party applications all use KB to function.

But why does it matter? You should have an unlimited data plan.