Tour 9630 New or Refurbished?
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I am wondering why Verizon put back on the website the 9630 which is a phone that was stopped by RIM for the Bold 9650.  I feel that this is a bad call by Verizon Wireless to put a phone back on sale on the website after it was announced that it was not getting the upgrade.  The people who really care about getting a phone that can get Blackberry 6 is the consumer and not the business customer (company).



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Re: Tour 9630 New or Refurbished?
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Hi, DJ,

Glad you pointed that out, I just noticed it too that the Tour is back for sale in the online sales for VZW.  A good question you bring up...why would they offer that phone.  The only reason I could think is that they were able to come across a batch of Tours and they are offering them at a really low price to catch a few folks to lock them into contracts.  50 bucks is a pretty cheap price for the Tour.  I have to admit, I really had a good experience with mine aside from the trackball not working all that great.  I think that was the most common problem a lot of folks had with it.  I really think if someone were elgible for the discount 2 year price, I would go ahead and spend the extra 50 bucks more and get the Bold.  The trackpad is well worth the difference in price.  Just my opinion.  Anyways, thanks for bringing that to our attention, DJ.