Tour (9630) phantom headphones


My 9630 believes it has headphones plugged into it even when it doesn't.  Therefore, I am unable to use the phone without headphones.  Without headphones, the handset and/or speaker emit no sound.  I've tried the following (note that my efforts became increasingly drastic when previous efforts failed):


1) Depress the blackberry button looking in the menu for "Activate Speaker"  or  "Activate Handset."  It did not appear.


2) Plugged both the headphones that came with my blackberry as well as other headphones in and out of my device various times both quickly and slowly.  With jiggles and without jiggles.


3) Read every post on this forum I could find on the issue and tried all solutions proposed.


4) Played MP3's and found that I was fully able to use the speaker and the handset without headphones as long as I wasn't using the phone functionality.  MP3's were fine. In the blackberry menu, the "Activate Handset" and "Activate Speaker" options would appear as they should.  When I would then try to make a phone call, the phantom headphone would reappear (icon and all on the upper left corner). 


5) I did the battery pull several times with headphones plugged in and without headphones not plugged in.


6) I backed up my blackberry and then did a complete wipe (i.e. I went to Options: Security Options: General Settings and selected "Wipe Handheld" and typed in "blackberry"


I can't believe it is a hardware problem given the speaker and handset work fine with MP3's.  However, if it is a software problem, I am confused as to why doing a complete WIPE didn't fix it.  My wife has exactly the same device purchased at the same time and hers does not have this problem. 


My next step is to exchange the blackberry for a new one, but I'd love to avoid that if possible.  Any thoughts? 



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Re: Tour (9630) phantom headphones
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This is an interesting issue. First off you did not do a wipe like someone would mean in a forum. That is a complete uninstall of the operating system (white screen will say "507 error"). What you did is put it back to the day you took it out of its box. If you are not familiar with something this in depth I would just take it back to Verizon and see what they can do.

If you want to tackle this on your own there is a guide on Crackberry on the proper way to do this. Its not terribly difficult but makes your heart skip a beat when that white screen comes up.

Re: Tour (9630) phantom headphones

hi there - for what it's worth, I had been having this same problem intermittently as well, and I couldn't fix it on this end.  verizon just replaced my device, because the guys on phone support concluded it was a hardware issue.  I received the new one today and am crossing my fingers this aspect will be bug-free! 

Re: Tour (9630) phantom headphones
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Depending how long you have been without service, I would ask for a credit to my account.