Tour and Pearl background images
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Hey, all,

I was messing around making some background images for my Tour with Photoshop CS3.  I post a couple of them on my image gallery here in the forums.  Anyone who wants to use them are free to do so.  I used some gradient backgrounds just for something different.  I'll be posting some more as I drink some coffee and get more creative.  To get to the image gallery, click on my Screen Name above and you will find the gallery.   Left click and save should work to get the images.


Ps  I have also created a couple of Themes for the Tour and I have a good one if anyone wants to try let me know.  It is a Today style theme that gives up to 4 items in the messages folder and up to 4 calender events.

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Re: Tour and Pearl background images
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Very good Doc. :smileyhappy::smileysurprised::smileyvery-happy: