Tour intermittently powering off

Just activated my third BB Tour, second replacement, from Verizon. The previous two had intermittently powered off on me, usually while I'm on a call or typing an email. I've tried everything to mitigate this issue. I've deleted all my previously read/sent emails, closed all running applications, switched the Network Technology from Global to 1XEV, yadda yadda yadda. It's been very frustrating to say the least. 


Has anyone else experienced this same issue with their Tour?

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Re: Tour intermittently powering off
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I never had that type of problem with my Tour or with my Bold.  Typically when this type of problem is repeatable in multiple units, it is due to a problem with one of the applications that are loaded. 

Maybe you could try loading a few apps at a time (and use your phone for a few days) to see if the problem show itself to determine if one of them are the cause.

Good luck.

Re: Tour intermittently powering off
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I agree with Spiral. Take ALL your apps off and run it for a day. If you don't have any problems, then it is one of your apps that is causing it. Put them back on one at a time until you get a reboot and 'Bingo' you've found the problem app. You don't have Facebook do you? That has been known to cause rebooting in the past. Don't know if it is fixed in the latest version.