Tour new trackball issue

I've had my Tour for about 8 weeks now.  It did come in a box with the famous 'green dot' on it.


This week, I've started noticing trackball issues; not with the left/right direction as has been mostly reported, but with down only; up works ok.


It's not nearly as bad as the video's I've seen with defective left/right movement.


With a sensitivity setting of 70 on both directions; status test shows mostly down 1 with a few down 2s.  I get similar results (maybe a few more 2's) with the left/right directions and even with up (up gives more 2s than down, but less than left/right generally).


Test test results are not so bad, but the basic usage of the device in messages and web pages has definately changed.  The delay or slow/skippy scrolling down is noticeable.


Any clues?







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