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Tour vs. Storm2

I previously owned the original storm, and had nothing but problems with it.  From memory leaks to freezing.  Within 2 weeks had it replaced 3 times with no results.  Upgraded to the Tour, which I also had to return twice due to faulty trackballs, and am now having the same problem.  I was offered the Storm 2 as a replacement, but I don't want the same problems as the Storm1....  Any suggestions????  Please any help would be greatly appreciated!!  Does the new Storm have the same memory drain as the original??  Does it still freeze as frequently??

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Re: Tour vs. Storm2
mann that sucks, FREEZING, MEMORY LEAKS WOW ¡ I mean leaks on 4.7 OS yeah but not on OS the most leak down if got was 10 mb with like 20 third party apps and that's after a week (non reboot) so how you like that!. About freezing ( I really don't know what your talking about. {FREEZING} I've NEVER had such thing like freezing on storm, you make it seem like every storm owner gets it.. You know I can get storm 2 but honestly I Don't need it (9530) is lajet have no problems what so ever so there's no reason for such an upgrade BLACKBERRY STORM has been good to me as I am to it.... So about mid next year I'm doing the wise move on getting 9550 storm..that's if I start getting probs.. And or I really need the urge to get WIFI for now the storm aint going no where, and with GPS tracking on smartphone its really going no where..I LOVE IT !!!!