Transfer of Outlook Contacts to Blackberry

Using:  Windows 7 Professional, Outlook 2010 on an Exchange Server, Blackberry Desktop 6.0 with a Blackberry Bold 9650 on Verizon


I've recently updated to the above and I'm having troubles with the Sync of my Outlook Contacts to my Blackberry.


1.  My Outlook Contacts are set up with about 10 different Folders.  I purposely do not have 1 big Contacts folder split into Categories due to the type of work I do.  To be clear as an example my tree looks like:

My Contacts:

 - Contacts folder

 - Personal folder

 - Project folder



2.  I work for a large multinational so we also have a Global Address book.  Whenever our MIS people send me a new GAB file and I use the update, I wind up with about 3,000 entries in my Contacts folder.


3.  When I sync my Blackberry using BB Desktop to my laptop I wind up with the 3,000 GAB entries (most of which I do NOT want on my BB) in my Contacts in BB and NONE of the Contacts from my Contact folders.

Is there a way to NOT have it sync the GAB entries?

Is there a way to have the Contacts from my various folders appear on my BB?

Is there any way to simply 'pick & chose' what goes on my BB out of my whole Outlook Contacts listing?


I'd appreciate hearing if anyone else has had a similar problem & may have some quick solution.

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Re: Transfer of Outlook Contacts to Blackberry
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I believe that by default, all of your contact information is stored in a file called Outlook.pst on your computer.  This is the file that Blackberry Desktop Manager connects with to sync your data.  You will probably need to start another profile in Outlook to be used just for your contacts that you want to sync with your Blackberry.  You can do this from within Outlook by selecting File>New>Outlook Data File.  You can then call this profile any name you want.  You can export the contacts that you want to this profile.  After you set up that profile with the contacts you want, then go back into Blackberry Desktop Manager and reconfigure syncronization between your device and Outlook.  This time, your new Outlook data file will show up and you can tell BDM to sync with the contacts from that pst file.  Hope this helps,