Transfering contacts

Hi Everyone,

I just received my new phone today and so far spent a couple of hours just getting the language set!! Not the phones fault but mine for being to quick to set it!! Here is my question.....Is there anyway to get my contacts from my old phone onto the new one? I already activated the new one and did not check first to see about transfering. Had it in my head that it would just happen....DUH!!!

Thanks for any and all help!!


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Re: Transfering contacts
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Since you're most likely moving from a basic/feature phone to a Blackberry the easiest way for you to transfer your contacts is to take both devices into a store where they can transfer them over for you.


From then on you want to start using and getting familiar with Blackberry Desktop Manager. Install it on your computer and you can use it to backup/restore all your personal data, load applications, music, pictures..etc etc.