Transfering photos to computer from Tour

Just recently bought a Tour. Having taken a bunch of photos, now how do I get them transfered to my computer? I have the cable, but can't seem to figure out what's next. Thanks for any help.

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Re: Transfering photos to computer from Tour
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You can transfer any kind of file, pictures, music, documents, to and from your Blackberry and computer with Mass Storage.  First make sure you have it enabled on your Blackberry.  Press the Menu key and go to Options>Memory>Mass Storage Mode Support change to ON and Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected check Prompt.  Press the Menu key and Click Save.  Now using the data cable that came with your device, connect your BB to your computer.  A prompt on your BB with ask do you want to use Mass Storage, click Yes.  Now your PC will recognize your BB as a seperate drive (Mine is M:smileyhappy: and you can check the Autoplay window to Open folder to view files.  Your default folder on the BB is called Blackberry.  Click on that to get subfolders and you will see where your pictures are located.  You can now copy and paste exactly what you want to your PC.  This method is a lot faster than using the Desktop Manager or any other software.