Transferring Ringtone from BB Storm to exchange phone

Is there any way to download and save ringtones without having to repurchase them after I get replacement phones. I have had a few defective BB Storms over the last 2 years and although I am told that I can save them and reload them to a replacement phone, it just does not work. It seemed it id designed to screw the user every time a replacement for a defective unit is replaced. Great for data, crap for use as a phone. I have saved my info on the Blackberry Desktop Manager, but when I download to the new phone, I cannot utilize my ringtones previously purchased at least 3 times before. I am getting tired of spending a $100+ everytime I get a defective phone. It seems they design it to screw you and punish you for exchanging a defective phone.

Is there anyway to save the ringtones and actually have them work on a replacement unit. Customer service does not give a **bleep** and say they have to be repurchased. I have 2 more months before I am eligible for a new phone and the Storm is a piece of crap for making and receiving phone calls. I do not want to buy new ringtones for another defective replacement that I will only have for a few months............................ Any suggestions?????????????



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Suggestions? Don't use Verizon's paid ringtones....there are plenty of free services out there that allow you to use your own music, as well as having a huge selection of free ringtones...just google for phonezoo, ventones, myxer, and a host of other free services.

I've used phonezoo and myxer several times; others on these boards have their favorites.

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When you have a replacement device you can download ringtones back to your device that is eligible. Login to with your user id or phone number and password once logged in go to My Media select Retrieve Media and select Get Started. The tones that can be downloaded back to your device will be pre-selected click on retrieve agree to the terms and conditions and they will be sent back to your phone via text message.Hope you find these steps helpful!