Transferring email to Droid

I may need to upgrade soon.  This is complicated.


A former email account is now invalid, but the messages are still on my Blackberry in their own folder.  I can move them around using my active email account.  There are 3,000 messages in this folder and I need to transfer every one of them.  I can't lose them. 


I have backed everything up using the desktop manager, but I have nowhere to synch these messages since the account is not active. 


A friend may offer me a slightly used two month old Droid.  Is it possible to move this folder to the Droid if I go to the Verizon store?  Is there anything else I can do?  Can I synch them to an Outlook folder? 


This is very critical.


Thank you,


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Re: Transferring email to Droid
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You can try moving the emails to your active email account, then creating a Gmail Account, then syncing your active  account with the newly created Gmail Account.  If the emails transfer over to your Gmail account, you can then sync the Gmail Account with the Droid device.  

  1. Download Google Apps Sync for MicrosoftOutlook.

  2. Install the software on your computer. You will be prompted to sign in to your Google Apps account. This allows Google Apps Sync to connect to your account.

  3. Enter your Gmail address into the "Email Address" field.

  4. Enter your password and click on the "Continue" button.

  5. Create a Google Apps profile for use in Outlook. Select the down arrow and choose your user profile. This is automatically generated from Outlook. If your user profile is not listed you can import your Outlook PST file by choosing the "From a PST File" option. Your Outlook PST file is a locally-stored copy of message, task, and calendar items.

  6. Specify what to import by checking each appropriate box. You can import Email messages, Contacts, Calendars, Notes, Junk Mail and Deleted Messages.

  7. Select the "Create Profile" button. The data import automatically starts.

  8.  Run Outlook after the import is complete. Outlook prompts you to select which profile to open. Choose your Google Apps profile. After your profile is selected, Google Apps Sync begins to import your data.
You can also check with a store location to see if there is any other way to transfer the folders from the device directly.