Typing issues

Every since I updated my blackberry storm to software version I have been problems typing. It will insert 2 or 3 characters instead of one. This is really aggravating. This causes it to take a long time to type a message. I have changes the sensitivity and that didnt help. How do I get it to stop doing?

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Re: Typing issues
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Welcome to the Verizon forums.  I am sorry you are having problems.  I will tell you from my experience and what I have learned from other Storm users with the same problem, the OS was full of problems.  Blackberry released an update to version that really rocks.  The .419 was never released by Verizon, but was released by a lot of other providers.  You can install the .419 OS on your device and I'll bet it will resolve your issues.  You can download it from MTS Mobility's download page on Blackberry's server.  I will send you the link in a private message in these forums.  Good luck, and I hope this helps.