Unable to Hear Callers

Is anyone else having trouble understanding a caller.  I have to ask a caller to repeat themselves.  It sounds like trying to hear a convesation through the speaker at a McDonald's Drive through.  My business calls come across as very unprofessional.  My partner puts her Blackberry on speaker so we can understand each other's conversations.  I usually call them back from a land line so we can actually hold a decent conversation.  I'm getting very frustrated.  I've taken the phone back to Verizon twice during the 1st 30 days I owned the phone and they keep telling me to adjust the volume down.  That's not working.

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It is possible you may have accidentally triggered the enhanced call feature.  It can make a call sound the way you describe.  Call a number, any number, just so you are in a call.  The easiest is to call your voice mail.  While in the call, press the L button until the enhanced call icon is gone, if it is there at all.  Let us know how that works.