Unable to use my Blackberry Tour in the UK even WITH Global data plan



I just flew into the UK and was disappointed to see that my phone service or data service is not enabled.


Prior to flying in(10-12 hours ago) I called Verizon customer service, and validated that I had a Global Blackberry Data Plan, and the customer service rep assured me that my phone will work without any issues once I get into the UK. So I didn't bother taking my "other" older AT&T phone(which I keep just in case) with me.


Now I'm stuck here for 3 weeks without any phone or data service! It's pretty crippling..and the best part is, I'll be charged as per my monthly plan regardless, when I get back.


Any help or suggestions?

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Re: Unable to use my Blackberry Tour in the UK even WITH Global data plan
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I have provided some information below, that may be helpful in using your Blackberry Tour in the U.K.


After steps 1 and 2 below, if you are still receiving a red SOS symbol in the upper right hand corner of the device (your SIM card is either missing out of the device, or it has not been activated on the billing side).


**The steps below are assuming the SIM card and Global plan were already activated.


Step 1. – Ensure your device is set to Global or GSM (I have provided a link below on checking this setting)


***If it is on Global already, ensure the “Data Services” section are “ON” and select GSM as the Network Technology (3g and 2g is preferred)

***Please note*** you will need to switch it back to Global once you are back in the United States.


Step 2. Try power cycling the mobile network (I have provided a link below)


**leave the network off for 15-20 seconds and turn it back on.


Step 3. Try a soft reset - Remove the battery off of  the device and leave it out for at least 2 minutes. Place the battery back in and wait for the device to fully boot up (it may take 2-5 minutes for the device to fully boot)

Lastly, if you are still getting the SOS symbol in red, you can check to see if your device has a SIM card by doing the following:


**Use the via device option (if it has an 893144***** number then your SIM card is in the device).


I hope this helps.