Uncaught exception Java Lang

When my Blackberry Bold 9930 restarts, it displays the message 'uncaught exception Java.lang.IllegalArgumentException'. Shortly after pressing OK, the device freezes, and the OK button does not work anymore. The screen then turns white, and shows the message 'App Error 603 Reset' and restarts again. Then the whole story starts all over again. Who knows how to fix this problem?? Thanks!

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Re: Uncaught exception Java Lang
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Hi egbertvanzomeren,

I feel you; a freezing phone is no fun. I have seen this error in the past and it is usually caused by a conflicting application. First recommendation is to remove recently installed applications/themes (pull battery for 30 seconds first to reset). If issue continues a complete wipe http://goo.gl/7TrV1 will be needed to resolve the issue.

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