Using 8830 laptop tether outside of the US

Sorry for the report... I posted the question late last year and didn't see where someone had asked follow up questions... so posting again due to an upcoming trip.


I've been travelling with just my Blackberry and have experienced no issues getting handheld broadband/email/etc on GSM networks in Europe.


However, I recently had to carry my laptop with me and was surprised that I could not use my BB as a tethered modem... the access call it was making was US-only.


I tried Verizon support and they didn't seem to understand the question.


Before I travel again, I'd like to have this sorted... how do I get tethered broadband (or just plain laptop internet access) in Europe? it would seem pretty simple since it's obvious the BB itself is getting it...


In answer to the followup questions:



1.  Do you have international dialing? Yes. Phone works fine in UK/Italy and I have email and internet access on the phone while there.


2.  What countries will you be visiting? Italy, the UK, and possibly Rwanda over the next 12 months.



3.  What phone do you have and what OS version are you running? Blackberry 8830 and running Windows XP SP2



4.  Do you currently have tethering on the phone and have you used it within the US? Yes, works fine in the US. The *777 call it appears to be making is US only.




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