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VZ Navigator 5.0 Removed prior feature: coordinates

I have spent part of the last few days chasing down the story as to why my "upgrade" to Vers 5.0/5.1 of Verizon Navigator seemed to disable prior feature of displaying latitude/longitude coordinates in "follow me" mode. VZ stores(2)  didn't know; finally got to a Blackberry tech support person at VZ who after 15 minutes of research concluded that 1) yes the 3rd party supplier of the Navigator SW ("Networks in Motion") did remove the latitude/longitude fix, without explanation and 2) no way to revert to version 4.x which provided it.


The only feature I regularly used and really needed in the $20/month Navigator option was coordinate recordings. This is like Microsoft's "upgrade" to Vista, later renamed to Windows 7.  I have requested that VZ get an explanation from their supplier ast to WHEN (not IF) this feature will be restored and email it to all Navigator optionees.  Please email VZ and ask that "upgrade" feature changes be fully explained BEFORE users irreversibly "upgrade".


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Re: VZ Navigator 5.0 Removed prior feature: coordinates

Features sometimes get removed in newer version of ANYTHING, be it hardware or software.  It is what it is.  I wouldn't expect that a hundred programmers will be toiling through the night to add that feature back in just because you personally are upset.

Re: VZ Navigator 5.0 Removed prior feature: coordinates

I was bummed as well Berkeley, when I discovered that the GPS coordinates were removed from the upgraded VZNav. This WAS a very helpful feature and I wish that there was a prompt stating that an upgrade is irreversible. I called in and the customer rep. told me that many others were bummed out as well. I don't even like the new format, regardless of the removal of the gps coordinates! I mean, really? Do I need a ticker tape scrolling through the middle of the screen? Do I need to "share" with social sites where my street location is? Lame...


After the OS upgrade to 5.0, I have declined to use VZNav. I now use Google Maps. I would love to have the old version back of VZNav.! It worked perfectly.....what a shame....

Re: VZ Navigator 5.0 Removed prior feature: coordinates

I am a paramedic and used VZ Navigator 4.1 to show me my gps coordinates to land helicopters in rural areas.

I just updgraded to 5.0 this morning and was somewhat impressed with the layout, mostly because it just looked new.

I was pretty dissapointed when I realized that I cannot get my gps coordinates.

Verizon says that you cannot downgrade, as do most of the posts here.

Well I figured it out and thought I'd share with you guys...

Go to your applications center screen and VZ Navigator 4.1 should be listed with the "downgrade" option.  Just click on it and the phone will downgrade itself to VZ Nav 4.1 and the gps feature is back!

Hope this helps everyone out.

Re: VZ Navigator 5.0 Removed prior feature: coordinates

They call removing features "enhancements" Navigator is now a advertising revenue stream. Have you noticed how the first results are hotels regardless of what you searched for? Hey but it now interfaces with Facebook! Who cares? I want it to find adresses. Do not upgrade you will be sorry.

Re: VZ Navigator 5.0 Removed prior feature: coordinates

there is a way to go back to V4 VZ Navigator for BlackBerrys


Here are the setps:


1. Type into your Web Browser

2. Unzip the ALX Package

3. Run BlackBerry Desktop Mangager

4. Click Application Loader

5. Add/Remove Software

6. Click Start

7. Select Browse

8. Go to the unzipped ALX Package

9. Select the model and version of VZ Navigator you would like

10. Select the corresponding ALX File

11. Select Next


You will be back to VZ Navigator V4!!!!! Enjoy!!