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I recently updated my VZAccess Manager software and now my Storm 9530 is not recognized as a portable modem.  When I attempt to "Configure Device" the following message appears, "Device Not Inserted."  However, the USB cable is clearly inserted correctly.  Any suggestions?

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Re: VZAccess Manager
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Try re reunning the set up wizard on your VZ access manager. This will allow the access manager to find devices, kind of like a bluetooth would or try the troubleshooting steps below:

  1. When installing VZAccess Manager, it was not able to find the WWAN device (wireless phone and cable or 1xEV-DO/1XRTT/CDMA PC Card).
  • If using a wireless phone and cable make sure it is powered ON and securely connected.
  • If using a wireless phone and cable, try powering it OFF, then ON again.
  • If using a WWAN (1xEV-DO/1XRTT/CDMA) PC Card, try removing it and reinserting it.
  • Identify any software that uses the serial port on your computer or other USB devices (such as Microsoft Windows CE services, ActiveSync and Palm HotSync) and exit all of these programs. Make sure that the auto-answer feature of any fax software you are using is disabled.
  • Check with your computer manufacturer to verify your serial port or USB port is enabled and properly configured.
  • If using a USB cable be sure to follow the documentation supplied with it to get it installed as a serial port or USB modem, before installing the VZAccess Manager software. If you have done this, also try disconnecting the USB cable from the PC and the wireless phone, then reconnect it and try again.
  • If you are using a NationalAccess capable wireless phone and cable, verify the serial port speed setting on the phone is set to 19,200 or 115,200. If your serial port supports 115,200 or 230,400, VZAccess Manager will automatically set the phone to the best speed setting. See your wireless phone's manual for instructions on how to do this. If your wireless phone does not have a speed setting, power it OFF, then ON again.