VZW Apps Freeze my Storm

I recently noticed that some apps that Verizon "sneaks" onto your phone after a reboot have been freezing my phone. Verizon says (I **bleep** you not) that it is my fault because I use the phone to its "full potential" and it is my apps slowing it down. I have 3 apps on the phone and they are all installed by VZW, not me. Has anyone else had this issue?


This is my 5th Storm in 18 months due to lagging issues. Well the first was biohazzered due to Hep C blood but that is irrelevant. VZW continues to tell me its my fault, but continues to replace my phone. Why don't they offer other solutions like helping me find a more appropriate phone or even just say "**bleep** you" and cancel my service for being a pain in the **bleep**? I've been with them almost 14 years and have been out of contract for a long time.


Unfortunately I am tied to VZW as no one else covers this area well even though it is a major metropolis. VZW used to care about its customers, so what happened?

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My problem is very similiar, I have been with Verizon for about the same amount of time, this particular phone of mine (storm) has been replaced twice and I too have to lagging with their app's and yes they put them on there.  I hate it.  I do not want any of them....so why are they there??  customer service is horrible and it is nothing but a run around with them, and they argue with the customer!!  What happened to the "Customer is always right?"????  We pay our bill, we pay high prices, and yet we get treated like crap for their crappy phones, service and the customer service.  I know exactly what you are talking about!!

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Which OS and Apps are you running?  This information could be helpful with getting you some assistance here on the forums.