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Verizon Passport availability?

I know that neither BlackBerry nor Verizon will comment on the availability of the Passport on Verizon... but please, please do bring this device to Verizon!

I am waiting eagerly!

Any dates anyone has heard?

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Re: Verizon Passport availability?

I've heard nothing, but I have a couple guesses.  Perhaps they are waiting for BB to submit a version to the FCC that includes a CDMA radio. The one that passed through does not have this.  Maybe if BB adds Advanced Calling 1.0 to their feature set Verizon will launch.  Who really knows at this point. 

Re: Verizon Passport availability?

BlackBerry is not going to make a Verizon version of the Passport unless Verizon ask them to do so. BlackBerry would be happy to make a version of the Passport compatible with the largest US carrier I'm sure. Sadly it is apparent that VZW passed on this phone. We know this as fact when CEO John Chen announced on Sept 24th that the passport is exclusive to AT&T. We get general "no information at this time please stay tuned, blah blah blah" response from the mods here because it would be bad business for them to just come out and say No Passport. The longer you "stay tuned" the longer you are a customer waiting for something that will never happen.  

Re: Verizon Passport availability?

It seems that Verizon is more interested in selling phones that are more toys and only are kept for a year than something that people keep for longer periods. More disposable phones equals more money for them. People are starting to get tired of Apple crap and are looking for alternatives which is exactly what Verizon does NOT want. Will be going to at&t in the near future to get what I want and not what I'm told I can have by Verizon.