Verizon blackberry e-mail account problem

Okay, I have scoured where I could, and cannot find an answer anywhere. I am afraid the answer I am going to receive is "get on the phone with tech support and wait", but here goes.

My wife have blackberry curve 8330 devices. We set up the devices at the store, and successfully set up a VERIZON blackberry e-mail account ( We both had an account and were receiving mail just fine. Recently however, we relocated to another state. We got almost all our phone numbers changed to the new area code in the store (we have 6 phones altogether in our home). I did not, as I was at work when they went. My wife said that the Verizon techs told her to have me *228/option 1 my phone to set it up. Which I did, and received my new number.

Now, our e-mails are gone. I don't even know if they have stopped working, they are just gone. When I log into the e-mail settings screen, it only shows the other account I have attached to push to my BB (gmail). I can't get it to add my because it says that it cannot add this account because the user name is already in use. (GRRRRR!!!-I know, it's mine.)  I have re-sent and re-sent service books, received confirmations of only my gmail account. I  logged in on the BIS website on the internet through my desktop and resent service books as well; no dice. I only get service books for my gmail account and it is the only one showing up on my account. I can't add the account because of the error with the user name.

Is there something I'm missing or am I at the mercy of tech support and days of pain and suffering; weeping and gnashing of teeth (yes, I know it's a little melodramatic). I love my blackberry and I can't stand this because it's just nerve-wracking that it won't work. Thanks for any help anyone can give!

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Re: Verizon blackberry e-mail account problem
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You did everything I would have done or could have done. I think maybe your email account isn't disassociated with your old phone number on RIM's servers. In which case, yes Tech Support will be the only ones able to help you.