Version Update Bold 9650
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I currently have version and was going to update to however I need to know what it does. I am new to BB and I heard newer versions can switch your icons around, etc....It took me forever to get my phone to work like I want so I am reluctant to update....any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: Version Update Bold 9650
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Updating a Blackberry,or any device, can be a tricky and long process.  If you have never updated before, I recommend looking around a few websites that explain some tips for updating without having a lot of problems.  As far as a change log of what is different with this newer version just released for your Bold, go to for more information.  As far as the icons being arranged differently, yes, they will be different that what you have now, but you can move them back around without too much trouble.  One best piece of advice I can give...Backup, backup, backup.  You will save yourself so much headache if you back your contacts, settings, etc up to a computer before you do any change to your Bold.  I have prepared a "how-to" for you for updating your operating system on your Blackberry:

How to Update your Blackberry’s Software

1. On your computer, download and install Blackberry Desktop Manager (BDM). The program can be found on the CD that came with your Blackberry or from Blackberry’s web site at the following URL:

2. Download the upgrade file for your device. This can be done from the vendor’s web site, such as Verizon’s at

3. Click on the downloaded upgrade file and install that file your computer. Now the upgrade file will be integrated into BDM.

4. Attach your Blackberry device to your computer and backup your device’s settings before upgrading. This is important so that you do not have to enter your contacts, etc back into your phone again.

5. After backing up, you are ready to begin. With BDM running on your computer, click on Application Loader.

6. Under Update Software, click on Start.

7. Now you will be presented with a list of available software upgrade options. Select the proper upgrade by placing a check mark next to the one you want to install and click next.

8. Follow the prompts and your software will install on your device. It is important to remember that the whole process can take 30-45 minutes. Do not unplug your Blackberry from your computer during the upgrade.

9. Once you receive the message on your computer the process is complete, you are done.

Obviously you can update your device wirelessly on your device by using the wireless update feature on your Blackberry, but I never recommend that because of too many variables that can go wrong.  Using my tips above will always work to give you the best results.  If you should have any further questions, please let me know.  I'll be glad to assist.