Voice dial keeps cycling and I can't hear anything

Help Please. i am hoping someone here knows what is going on.


Just this week my 8330 would start tying to activate the voicedail fetaure, but I can't hear it and it can't hear me. It will try and do this even if I do not press anything.  Because of this when i go to call someone, or they call me, I can't hear them until it sorts itself out on what speaker to use (or so this is how it seems to you)


Some times I can just turn the phone off and on and be okay, but today I've been fighting with it for over an hour. Do I need to install an update or something? Has this happened to anyone?






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Hi.  I am sorry you are having issues with your phone and I will be happy to help you from here.   Try to dial *228 option 1 to program your phone again to see if that works.


If that does not work, we can check to see what version software are you using.  From the homescreen, you can click on Menu-Options-About to see the version number.  The new version is



Waiting on your reply :smileywink: