WalMart BB Deal

The following was copied from, but can be found elswhere. Does anyone know if you get your NE2 at Walmart? Either way I get my Storm II next week.


Walmart Sale for Saturday 11/14 - Friday 11/20: Smart Phones! $100 Gift Card w/ BlackBerry purchase. See thread for Details! Notes: $100 Gift Card with every BlackBerry Phone purchase... $100 Gift Card with every BlackBerry Phone, plus 2 year contract purchase...Please Note that 1 year contract is NOT eligible...BlackBerry upgrades will also be eligible for Gift Card...BlackBerry phones may be purchased without activation or contract (doesn't say if this qualifies for the Gift Card or not, I will find out more details later)...Pricing will be valid Saturday, November 14 to Friday, November 20 or when supplies last.


Price before $100 gift card!!!!!

Verizon Storm - $48.88 $498 w/ Out Contract

Verizon Storm 2 - $148 $450 w/ Out Contract

Maybe others, not sure!

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I don't know about this deal at WalMart. But if you qualify for NE2, I suggest you wait till next week and get Storm2 at a Verizon owned store. Maybe get better deal, and or better accessories that go with Storm2 at the Verizon Store, not available at the authorized dealers. I'm happy you going to get Storm2! Good luck!:smileyvery-happy: 

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i may go to walmart and check on this deal. online verizon website says i'm eligible dec 15 2009. i was going to order it on verizon website because it put the storm2 in the shopping cart with the 2 year price...but if i can go to walmart and get it with $100 gift card...i will believe when i see. that means the storm2 would really be $50? or maybe they doing the gift card to bring the price down. maybe it was $249? and does anyone know if the storm2 is coming out with colors? i read on a forum pink and blue storms are coming out. just wonder if anyone else has heard of that.