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What does the new blackberry annual report me to those of us with new blackberry devices? I heard not only did they lose millions of dollars but many companies that make apps for the blackberry are backing out. I just bought mine in July and have a 2 yr contract with Verizon will this mean our phones will be obsolete?

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The company like Dell is going private. However support for your device through manafacturers warranty for year one would still be honored. Your device would be replaced with a second hand junk which they claim is like new. Sure it is!

If you have Asurion it would again be replaced with second hand junk. In these cases if there are no more blackberry devices dued to the company going kaput you may get another make of device. But this I cannot say for sure.

RIM (Blackberry) and Windows phones are not a great prospect to last so you are taking a huge risk.

Good Luck