What happened to the BOLD 9930???

I got my FIRST blackberry BOLD about a month after it came out. I was very pleasantly surprised because I wasn't used to using a touch screen as well as a keyboard.I was hooked!!!!! My problems started about a month ago, when the speaker went out. Got a replacement and the SAME thing happened.( Not a happy camper). After being on the phone with a most delightful Verizon rep, we figured out it WAS a software problem. We tried to downgrade to another software but no luck. So with much trepidation, I got a bb bold, with NO touch screen. They sent me the phone first with NO battery, and NO back. Well, those items came in the mail, and they sent me an extended life battery which is kinda big. My case doesn't fit it, so now I must buy another case.(Not happy about that). I want my BOLD back!!!! it was sleek, and the apps were the bomb. This BOLd without the touch screen is smaller, and I don't like it AT ALL! I hope they work out all the kinks on the 9930 because I love that phone and want it back!!!!

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Re: What happened to the BOLD 9930???
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Sounds like they sent you a Bold 9650 model (the previous generation model) You should call them back and tell them to send you a Bold 9930 which is the latest 'Bold' model available. Be nice on the phone but do not allow them to talk you out of getting the model you paid for.

Good luck.