What to do?? My two years are up, so time for a new Crackberry, but which one?

I currently have the Tour 9630.  I just visited the Crackberry site and saw that they have a new one coming out called the Bold Touch???  Does anyone know when this is coming to verizon?


I also wonder how OLD is the storm 2?? 


So many questions, but I love my tour, and want to make sure I make the right choice when upgrading...


I thought about the Iphone, but just can't bring myself to give up my crackberry.



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Nothing has been announced, but the Bold Touch 9930 should be out within the next 1-4 months.  I have heard this phone is already in testing at Verizon. I plan on making the 9930 my next phone (dumping this iPhone and going back to my Bold) when my upgrade is due in Oct.

I would recommend that you wait until the 9930 comes out as your Tour is still working for you.


Storm 2 is about 2 years old if my memory is correct.  BB has a new Full Touch coming out (probably late Q3 2011) if you are interested in that type.  Look on Crackberry for the codename 'Monoco'.


Good Luck.

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I totally agree with Spiral.  You should wait for a few more months as some really great devices are coming from Blackberry.  It is obvious from your post you want a touch screen device.  That is what I am waiting for from BB.  The Monaco (code name) is going to be a full size touch screen device whereas the Bold Touch will be basically a Bold with a touch screen.  I am torn at this point on which one I might want.  I like the keyboard of the Bold but would love a full touch screen.  I wish a device like the Blackberry Torch was available for CDMA providers like Verizon, but it is not.  To sum up my post without rambling on, save your upgrade and wait a few more months.  You will be glad you did.




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Definitely wait! It will be worth it.


I would not recommend the Storm 2 at this point.

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Being a Blackberry user myself, I know how excited I get when ever there is a new smartphone coming out.   I do not have any information regarding the Bold Touch.   You can sign up for new product  alerts by clicking on the link below. 




The RIM - BlackBerry Storm2 9550 smartphone was launched on October, 28 2009


hmmm, I didn't realize the Storm 2 was that old.  Now I'm almost having second thoughts.  :smileyhappy:


I've been doing some minor research as my husband and I are looking at becoming first-time smartphone owners in the near future if all goes well. He plans to get an Android while I am planning to get a BlackBerry, and the Storm 2 is what I was wanting to get. However, I see where some of you mentioned it being a good idea to wait or that it would be best in general to not get the Storm 2. As a first-time smartphone owner, would the Storm 2 still be OK for me to get?  I wondered if it would still work well for the next two years, that way I can have time to get accustomed to using one and look forward to an upgrade when the time comes. Any feedback?  I am hoping to make the switch over to Verizon and smartphones in the next month or two.

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the new phone's are here the BlackBerry 9930 and the 9850.  the 9850 is all touch screen.


I just got the Bold 9930 and I absolutely love it. My only problem is: most of my OLD apps do not work on this phone. (I had a Blackberry curve previously) That's my only complaint for now. I love the Bold because it isn't ALL touch screen, it has a keyboard (like my curve, but a much nicer keyboard I must say) and it is also touch screen. Also the browser is much faster than my old Curve.

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Good to hear - I have the 9650 Bold and have played with the demo 9930 recently, and I do like the new Bold with the touchscreen, yet the full keyboard as well.

I won't be eligible to upgrade for another year, but I'm already sold on the new Bold!
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iPhone FTW!


I have one Storm 2 and two Curve 2... BB's....   I like them both for different functions,  Neither are perfect, each have their flaws.  I find the Storm is best for viewing PDF Docs  as the larger Storm 2 screen makes navigating thru multi page attachments in an email is difficult on the Curve 2 screen.  There are several times where certain web sites have not loaded onto the Storm 2 that worked better on the Curve 2.  However I find some sites are not navigable on either one!  I too am looking forward to a New Improved BB from Verizon!  The Bold did not offer enough of a difference to excite me and I have numerous friends who tried it and were disappointed to the point of returning it.  So as for me I continue to wait...  I have been assured that there is something in the pipeline but the time frame is vague at best.  I hope it is soon as I like the looks of the Torch from AT&T and may consider a change.