When will Verizon allow XM mobile for their phones?

All I want to do is listen to XM radio at work on my cellphone.


Verizon Issue:

-Verizon won't allow the 'XM Radio Mobile on Blackberry'.  It works on Altell and AT&T Blackberries.  If it's out of greed and you can't stand to see me enjoy something without Verizon getting a piece of the action....charge me something, I don't care...I just want my XM on my Blackberry Storm!


RIM Issue:

-If they would hurry up and put out a decent browser with flash I could stream XM from their website to my phone.  I hope the estimate of next summer is a lot sooner.

-If the Iphone has an app to get around the non flash browser and stream XM radio, why can't the Blackberry?

PS over 70% of all websites use flash.....so saying the Blackberry Storm has the full internet experience is laughable.  Get to it RIM.


And yes I have used the method of using UXM along with Orb to stream it from my computer to my phone which worked for a long time, but last week XM changed their web links for the XM online and sadly UXM (Millard software) has not been maintained and abandoned by it's creator so it will never be updated and I am **bleep**.


And I can't use a desktop XM unit becuase of where I sit in the center of the building nowhere near a window.  And I can't use the internet XM site on my work aPC becuase IT blocks all streaming.





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Re: When will Verizon allow XM mobile for their phones?

Verizon Wireless may not ever support this service because I never have heard about this. Alltel, and AT&T are different networks. Verizon may also deny certain applications to be used on their customers devices.