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I am a new Blackberry Storm user, and everything was going fine.  I close my apps once I am done with them, as I was warned by friends when I purchased the phone.  But, out of nowhere today, the screen went white, with a small clock icon in it.  The notification light comes on from time to time, and then the screen goes back to black.  I've removed the battery quite a few times to see if it will reset, but nothing is working.  I can't even access the main desktop.


Someone please help!

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Have you made sure it is charged up. I know that sounds silly, but it could be. The right red phone button is the on off button. Mine has done the timer thing a lot as it comes out of dormant stage I assume. So once charged, then try again. When you pull bat. and then put it in again the screen is black at  first but timer shows, then goes white with timer. Did you by chance remove bat. without first turning off the phone? If it doesn't start working go to the nearest Verizon store not a Kiosk and ask for an exchange.