Why Does My Clock Change Without Notice?

This is happening on my BlackBerry PRIV as well.  I've been using an app for medication reminders for years,  and I thought it was misfiring by giving reminders too early by four hours. Then when my calendar reminders also came on four hours early I realized it was the clock that was misbehaving.

The clock also changes back without notice and then the appropriate calendar reminder sometimes doesn't happen at all because it thinks the event has already happened.

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Re: Why Does My Clock Change Without Notice?
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MICROW87, we know how important it is to have your reminders go off at the appropriate time. Let's make sure that we have everything back on track. In your post, you've mentioned that this is happening on your Blackberry Priv as well. Is there another device that you have besides the Blackberry Priv that is also experiencing the time change? If so, can you please confirm the make/model? When did you initially notice that there was a discrepancy with the clock? How often do you notice that the clock is misbehaving?



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