Why did they change the date time picker...

I have a third party app that allows me to enter a date and time for an event, and it keeps a countdown for when that even is to occur.  It's separate from the calendar, it's just a basically a text list.  Nothing fancy, but it suited my purposes.


To enter the date for the event, it was a date time picker in the format of


Day Month Date Year


and scrolling through the Day field would update and change the other values.  This made it easy to set the date for an event say next Sunday just by changing the Day field, and the rest of the date fields would update appropriately.


So what did the 5.0 update do?  Change that completely.  It removed the Day field altogether, and replaced the scrolling fields with wheel fields.  I hate the new wheel entry fields, I much prefer the previous entry fileds, "clicking" on the up/down arrows instead of this whole rolling wheel crap.  Is there anyway to get the old date time entry boxes back?  For all fields that previously  used the up/down arrows. I much, much prefer those...

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