Why do I get this Error? "Unable to Change Plans at this Time"

I upgraded my phone on 3/18.  Since then when I go online to look at making possible changes to my data plan, I get an error that says:

"Unable to Change Plans at this Time" (see screen shot below).  It also states that we have a device that needs to be activated, but Verizon and I confirmed that all of our devices are activated and have always been working.

VZW Error.jpg

I've called VZW Customer Service twice and spent over an hour trying to get this specific issue resolved.  They keep saying they will get it fixed, but haven't!  I am getting very frustrated with this.  Our family has 4 smart phones with a shared family plan.  I would certainly think for what we are paying VZW we should get better service.  This is about to become a deal breaker!

Has anyone else had this issue, and if so who did you need to talk to to get it resolved?  Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Why do I get this Error? "Unable to Change Plans at this Time"
Customer Service Rep

Dear BB_Lives!,

Congrats on your recent upgrade. I am so sorry to hear of the difficulites you are experiencing with managing your account online. I know the importance of being able to view and make changes to your account online. Allow us to step in and resolve this for you as soon as possible. When you processed your upgrade, did you activate the phone on the line it was ordered for or was the phone activated on a different line on the account? If it was activated on a different line on the account, please activate the phone first on the line it was purchased on, then back to the line in which you wanted active on.

Another reason why you may be receiving this error message is if the terms and conditions of the two year customer agreement was not accepted when processing the upgrade. To ensure it was accepted you may dial (877)807-4646 and follow the promts. If you are still experiencing difficulties with this error message, please feel free to reach out to us for further asssitance.

Thank You,
VZW Support
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