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Wireless reconciliation on Tour and POP accounts

I cannot get wireless reconciliation to work with my POP email accounts.


It is probably not supported with my email provider, but want to confirm.


I have a (now earthlink) and an email provided on a hosted email address.  For both email accounts, if I delete an email from my blackberry and choose to delete on mailbox and on handheld, it does delete the message from the mail server. 


However, if I delete the email on the mail server, the delete does not propogate down to my BB;  I have to manually delete them all from the handheld.  I have gone into the email settings application on the handheld and clicked the box 'Synchronize deleted items between thsi mailbox and my device"


I have also veried these settings in "Email Reconciliation" for each account:

     Wireless Reconcile:     On

     On Conflicts:  mailbox wins


No matter what I do, I cannot get the messages to automatically delete from the handheld device.


Any advice or anyone with earthlink or GoDaddy hosted emails having different experiences?



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Re: Wireless reconciliation on Tour and POP accounts

Wireless Reconciliation only works if you're on the BES (Blackberry Enterprese Server) which is the $44.99 plan. If you're just paying $29.99 for the BIS plan then it doesn't apply to you.

It also isn't going to work with POP accounts, wireless reconciliation is only for the corporate account being controlled by your IT Admin be it MS Exchange, Lotus, Domino etc...

Re: Wireless reconciliation on Tour and POP accounts

Well the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) user guide at details the wireless reconciliation process. 0 185584215

also for Blackberry Internet Service


Reconciliation from BlackBerry smartphone to mailbox

says POP3 wireless delete is supported.


Reconciliation from mailbox to BlackBerry smartphone

table says POP3 wireless deletion is supported 


I can delete from phone to mailbox; I cannot delete from mailbox to smartphone.





Re: Wireless reconciliation on Tour and POP accounts

I'm having the same problem. The strange and frustrating thing about it is that I use a Yahoo POP account and that seems to be working normally. However when emails are deleted off the Verizon server, it won't delete from the BB. It's getting to be a pain deleting the same email twice. I've been to the BB board and no solutions. Keeping my fingers crossed.