Z10 Overheats and packs up
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I had an issue over the weekend where my phone would overheat and show a blue screen. I would be on Skype video call and within 5 minutes, the phone would overheat, go from a streaked line to a full blue screen (anyone remember windows blue screen of death?). Then my phone will shutdown and go into reboot. this happened for a few times until it packed up and would not reboot again. I plugged it into DC Power, and the red light would come on and once I put the battery in, it will go off. I called tech support and they told me that it was the battery. I never imagined that few months into my switch to BB Z10, I would have to dust off my old 9930 and start using it until I get the new battery.

Has anyone encountered this issue or am I alone on this???

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Having a reliable phone is definitely a must! I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. I'm sure the new battery will resolve all these concerns.

Keep me posted if you need further assistance.


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I have not heard of the blue screen issue on the z10. A great place to get help and have these questions answered is crackberry.com and check out their forums. Please post if a new battery fixed your issue.