Z10 Replacement (Twice)

In a period of two years I had to replace my Z10 twice.  First time I tried to enter the password too many times and it gave me an unknown code that even BB couldn't decipher; second time I have at home a non-working BB Z10, I can't have it replaced because I am behind on my phone bill.  I understand this very well.  However, my Nokia, Lumia Windows 10 also just died.  I left it in my car while working in Prescott, AZ, it was cold but not freezing cold, I came to my car, started the phone, the battery indicator went off, and it asked me to shut it down...and now it won't turn on.  I can't seem to get a hold of anyone at Verizon to inform them of this, so I am curious to see if any Verizon employee will read this post and send me an email because neither of my phone are working.

Thank you.

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