backup assistant problems.

I can't load my contacts on my laptop. the red/black arrows spin around and then a message 

appears ..... server not available try again later. I called two weeks ago and never heard back. I need to load a large number of new contacts..... Everyone on vacation at Verizon?

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Re: backup assistant problems.
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Sorry to hear about your problems loading your contacts.  From the sounds of it, you have a lot of contacts.  As you may or may not know, Blackberry Desktop Manager can load your contacts.  However, I found a program called Data Pilot by Susteen.  The program costs about 30 bucks but it is well worth it, especially if you deal with a large number of contacts.  What I like about Data Pilot is you can add and change contact information on your PC with Data Pilot and then sync the updates to your Blackberry.  It also allows you to sync calendar information.  If you really want a great program for dealing with a large number of contacts, then you may want to consider spending a few dollars on Data Pilot.  You can check it out at Susteen's web site.