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I apologize if this has been beaten to death already. I'm new to this forum and couldn't find anything related.


I'm trying to use Backup Asssitant to make it easier to enter contacts in my BlackBerry Bold but (at least) two things fail. Birthdates entered on  the web site do do get saved correctly (I can live with this!) but email addresses entered on the web site do not get downloaded on to my BlackBerry. Only the phone numbers come through. Any ideas on what I might be able to do?



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I can understand your frustrations with Backup Assistant.  About all it will back up is names and numbers, which, I guess can be helpful.  Also, it is free.  I tell you what I did and it has paid for itself.  I found a program called Data Pilot from  It was about $30 bucks and it does everything you want...backing up names, addresses, numbers, birthdays and anniversaries, email addresses, nicknames, etc.  It was well worth the money.  I started using it with a LG AX8600 I used a few years ago with Alltel and continued using it with my Blackberry Pearl, then Tour, and now Bold 9650. The software can be used with virtually any cell phone or smartphone device.  I can backup my contacts database, which is huge, giving me a peace of mind knowing if my phone loses the contacts, it can be quickly restored.  It is up to you...spend a few dollars and enjoy some great backup software with a peace of mind, or use the free apps such as Backup Assistant or Blackberry Desktop Software.  I just thought I would pass this along to you in case you were not aware of that software. 

If money is an object, which I totally understand, then I would recommend backing up your database with Blackberry Desktop Manager, which is free.  There is a new version out which is 6.0.  I use it to backup my Bold and its settings just in case of a major breakdown.  I hope this info helps.