battery life drops to zero and reboots in my bold 9900

i have a bold 9900... been using it for awhile now, screen was faulty after repairing the screen, today wen  i power on d fone after rebooting, it shows battery drain and go off and reboots again....

i put d battery in another fone and the battery was about 70% full... i put another battery in the fone, the same battery drain issue occurs.

please what can any1 help me with solution the this.


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Re: battery life drops to zero and reboots in my bold 9900
Customer Service Rep

Greetings, dr_slim! I'm terribly sorry to hear about your 9900. I'm certain that we can find a solution together. From your description, it sounds like the device itself (rather than the battery) may be the culprit. It seems to be providing false readings of your available battery power. The good news is your device may qualify for warranty replacement. If you need help with that, please accept my follow request so that we can communicate via direct message. Follow instructions for my handle (DionM_VZW) can be found here: Thanks!

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