just got bb8530 and owners manual says i can transfer music file from my pc. but will not detect my device. any advice. thanks bill

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Welcome to the forums.  To transfer music from your Windows based computer to your Blackberry device, the easiest and fastest way is by using the Mass Storage Device setting from your Blackberry. To enable and use this feature, do the following:

1. On your Blackberry, go to Options>Memory.

2. Under the settings, make sure you have the following:
A. Mass Storage Mode Support ON
B. Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected Prompt

3. Press the Menu key and Save.

4. Using the supplied USB connecting cable that came with your Blackberry, connect your device to your computer.

5. Your Blackberry will prompt you now, “Do you want to turn on Mass Storage Mode? You might not be able to access some media files in this mode. Select YES on your device.

6. Windows might display an Autoplay window, prompting you to select an option, select Open Folder to View Files.

7. You should now be seeing the contents of your Blackberry’s media card. Click on the Blackberry folder and then go to the Music folder.

8.Now open the folder where your music files are stored on your computer in another window, while the Blackberry Music folder is open in another window. You can copy and paste or drag and drop the files from your computer’s folder to your Blackberry. Once you have done copying, you can disconnect.

9. You can now go to your Music Player on your Blackberry and listen to your music.