**blackberry suddenly died. how do i get replacement phone??


my blackberry curve, which i had for about 9 months, just died randomly.  this is quite an upset seeing how my funds are extremely low  right now and i am nowhere near able to afford a replacement for regular retail price.  it's one thing to deliberately or stupidly ruin a phone, but another to have it die out of nowhere.  it's completely unfair to have to pay full price for a phone you have always properly cared for/handled up until that point.  


Verizon, how can you help me in lousy, uncontrollable situation? what can i do to get a new blackberry ASAP?


please help :smileysad:



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Re: **blackberry suddenly died. how do i get replacement phone??
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You should still be under warranty. You have 1 year of warranty. If the phone has no physical or liquid damage done then you are good to go. Warranty will send you a refurbished device in exchange for the phone you have now. There is no fee for this.


As in the mean time, ask a friend of yours or family member if they have a spare verizon phone you can use. Maybe you have an old verizon phone laying around that you aren't using. Just activate that for the time being.