blackberry tour goes into standby and loses knowledge of memory card

Hooked up my brand new Blackberry Tour 9630 to my car stereo via the AUX cable and started playing tunes I uploaded from my i-tunes playlists on my laptop.  About 30-45 minutes  down the road I got the what I now know as the about to go into 'standby' mode and the music stopped.  Eventually I figured out how to get it out of standby mode, but now it does not recognize the 2gb memory card.  If I go to the music player, it will show the songs, but when I click on one, it just sits there for several minutes before telling me that the card cannot be read.  Also, things like my pictures in memory are not available either. 


From this happening yesterday, I can get the info back if I remove battery and cold restart, but this seems like a bug to me.


Is there a place to set the amount of time before the device automatically goes into standby mode?





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