can someone please help me ? really frustrated, bbm is NOT working!!!!!!

so, everything else on my phone is working just fine except my bbm, the ONE thing I use all the time to keep in contact with someone special. :smileysad: I can choose bbm, go to the contacts and then it will not open a chat. I had a chat previously open from last night, I tried choosing that first and it wouldn't open up at all. I tried bringing it up through my email where the convo comes up and nothing there either :smileysad:



also, I've tried the usual just turning it off and turning it back on and nothing :smileysad: 



alright, so I feel like an idiot, can I delete this message? I finally figure dout how to bring up the blackberry messenger info and it looks like all i needed to do was redownload the newer version of bbm? seriousl!y ?!? lol sorry everyone! 

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Dont just turn it off you have to do a battery pull on Blackberries.I mean by that just take the battery out while its on and put it back in. Give it a whirl and post back.