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can't get work e-mails

I recently flew cross-country.  Usually when I fly, I power off the Mobil Network Verizon Wireless connection within "manage connections", and leave the phone on.  But this week I powered off the phone itself.  When I landed and pwered back up.  I was able to receive e-mails from our home computer, had phone sevice, and was able to receive text messages, but none of the e-mails from my work e-mail account would transmit.  I ended up having to power up my computer between client visits to receive and respond to e-mails.  When I returned at the end of the week, I was hoping all would retunr to normal, but my work e-mails are still not transmitting to my smart phone.  I've tried turning on and off the wireless connection, on and off the wi-fi settings, even powered down took out the battery and completely rebooted.  No change.  The phone works and I"m getting a great signal, but I can't find where to locate the e-mail accounts to ensure I'm receiving all.

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Re: can't get work e-mails

If you are using an enterprise server you may need to contact your IT dept., if you are using the blackberry internet service you should log in and see if you can resend service books, that should work.  Also if you recently changed your password for that email account you may have to verify it on the BIS site.