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can't load many websites

this is a wierd one, in my opinion.  my phone works fine, my email works fine, etc.  when i get an email with a link i click on it and it opens the browser, but the browser can never load the site.  now if i go to the browser directly and load, say , yahoo, google, espn, etc, it works fine.  but the long addressses that are usually associated with emails from advertisers or newsletters never work.  what is a good explanation for this?  i have messed with the browser settings, never sure whether to use the blackberry browser vs. the internet browser and what emulation to use, although i am not sure if this makes a difference or not.


the error i get is 'unable to connect to mobile data service, please try later' but i have good web access in general and i am in a good cell service area.



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Re: can't load many websites

try this:


open the "Network connectivity" settings by clicking on the menu button (the button left of the track wheel button) while on main menu.

The Mobile Network shows as "Fledge Simulated Network". But if you toggle the Network Technology to from Global to any other value and then back to Global the above value gets changed to "Default CDMA Network".


This should fix the error, let us know though I've only seen this one other time...

Re: can't load many websites

can't find that area on my curve 8330...

pushing the blackberry button from the main screen doesnt' bring up that menu.