can't use application loader

i have a new Bold 9650 and am trying to use "device switching" from desktop manager. however, when i plug the phone in, and i select the programs i want to update, the "next" button is always grayed out and a note saying "your device does not have enough fewer applications." however, even if I de-select is still the same. it shows that my device has "0 kb" of memory available.....when in reality, i still have 340mb available (checked from the phone)


this is the same problem with my 8350 curve.


help, please!

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Re: can't use application loader
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I have provided some information below that may help with the Blackberry desktop manager and using the application loader.

***For the memory issue, try step 1.


  1. Complete a soft reset on your device. To complete a soft reset you can do the following below:


***Please perform the following step while the device is un-tethered.


  • Remove the back cover of the device and remove the battery (turning the power on or off before completing this step is optional. Removing the battery while the device is on does not affect it.

  • Keep the battery out for approximately 30 seconds and place the battery back into the device.
  • Put the back cover on the device and wait for the device to boot back up (this may take 3-5 minutes.)


***Version 5.0 Blackberry Desktop Manager

***Plug the device back into the USB and do the following below

2a.     Ensure that the Blackberry desktop manager is reading both devices. If it is, you should see a PIN number populated for each device.  Click on the next option below and select the data that you wish to transfer over. Once completed, click on the finish button on the bottom right-hand corner.


***Version 6.0 Blackberry Desktop Manager

2b.     Ensure the Blackberry Desktop Manager reads your current device. If so, click on the device drop down tab on the upper left hand corner of the desktop manager. Select “switch devices” and click on your current device. Select the appropriate option and click next. Once you have selected next, your new device should receive the backed up information from your old device (*If the old information was already backed up).

I have also included a link below to Blackberry’s site on using the device switch option on the desktop manager.


Device switch wizard:


3. If it still says that there is no available memory on your device, I would recommend uninstalling the desktop manager and reinstalling it. I have provided the links to where you can redownload the software below:  *Select either the personal email option, or desktop software option on the red menu on the left hand side of the page.